Connector Platform is a set of solutions allowing manufacturers to collect crucial market information and manage their business partners such as distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

Connector EDI

Connector EDI is designed to handle all technical aspects of data exchange, e.g. end-point integration, conversion of formats, index mapping and alerts.

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Connector Enterprise

Connector Enterprise is a Demand Signal Repository (DSR) tool which aims to answer the most crucial business questions related to your sales results. It provides clear information on the performance of various distribution channels and product groups. In the long run it helps to gain visibility of demand and sales changes and allows you to optimise your routes to market.

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Connector Category

Connector Category is a unique service within our Demand Signal Repository tool and processes market share results achieved within certain product categories. It provides you with your market position in comparison to your competitors selling in the same categories.

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Connector VMI

Connector VMI system (Vendor Managed Inventory) is a Demand Management tool that enables manufacturers to take responsibility for the planning of deliveries to their business partners in order to guarantee stock availability and to maintain the optimum inventory levels. In practice, it helps manufacturers to cope better with demand change factors like promotions or seasonality.

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Connector B2B

Connector B2B is a B2B e-Commerce class solution and supports the management of processes between commercial partners in the same supply chain. The solution provides a broad supplier-partner integration in multiple areas, e.g. orders, order statuses, delivery notes, complaints, and invoices.

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